Simplify Your Supply Chain with Integrated Food & Beverage Solutions

Selling food and beverage products comes with a bevy of unique challenges, from short shelf lives, to tricky truckloads, to traceability requirements, and more. Relying on manual processes to move orders through your supply chain can lead to delays and errors that cause both product and sales losses.  

Tatum Consulting’s integrated software solutions for the food and beverage industry directly connect your supply and demand channels to your ERP, WMS, and other internal business systems. Automated data transmission provides rapid, error-free communication between 160,000+ suppliers, grocers, food service providers, food brokers, and 3PLs. With powerful applications that support end-to-end order processing and a scalable cloud architecture, you’ll be able to grow your business in every direction. 

Expand your Global Connectivity

Connect to top grocers, suppliers, 3PLs, cold storage partners, and brokers across the globe for faster communication. Advanced lot tracking makes it easy to meet traceability guidelines and safety standards. 

Optimize Supply Chain Operations

Increase visibility and streamline operations to process orders quickly and grow your sales. A unified commerce view creates a single version of the truth across your supply chain, with integrated applications for all your channels. 

Partner with Experts

Get more than just software. With our fully managed service model, you have 24/7 access to supply chain specialists who understand your technology and unique business needs. 

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Exchange key documents like Grocery Purchase Orders, ASNs and Product Invoices with retailers, suppliers, returnable pallet partners, and 3PLs. Handle multiple fulfillment methods and strategies to meet customer mandates. With more than 160,000 pre-connected businesses, it’s easy to stay ahead in a digital world.  

Drop Shipping

Increase your product mix without inventory headaches. Sell products to new audiences while meeting partner expectations. Drop shipping is the easy way for suppliers and retailers to expand their footprint online.

Marketplace Integrations

Sell on Amazon,, eBay and 100+ other online marketplaces with ease. Provide accurate inventory, update customers on their orders, and win the buy box. 

Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)

Strengthen trade partnerships, reduce stockouts and increase sales with collaborative replenishment. VMI helps you ensure retail shelves are fully stocked with the freshest products. The solution supports multiple routes to market, including direct-to-store and cross-docking. 

Scan-Based Trading

Place your products on major retailer shelves while maintaining control of your inventory. Data visibility and advanced forecasting capabilities empower you to optimize replenishment strategies. 

Supplier Enablement

Automate communications with all your food & beverage suppliers. Let suppliers trade their way, with support for EDI, an easy-to-use web portal, and PDF-to-EDI conversion.