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Partnerships are much more than a handshake and a smile in front of a camera. We value partnerships with which we can make our operations more cost-efficient. And, we like to pass on the insight of other competitive companies to our customers.

Tatum Consulting

Tatum Consulting, the leading Supply Chain Integration Service provider, announced the newest member of Tatum Consulting's Integration Partner Program, Tatum Consulting. As a participant in the Integration Partner Program, Tatum Consulting will provide "out-of-the-box" application adapters to Tatum Consulting small to mid-sized enterprise (SME) customers to help integrate numerous back-end systems into integration service. Supported applications include Peachtree, Quickbooks, Max for Windows and Excel.

EDI Partners

EDI Partners provides a series of product-independent one-day EDI seminars for business professionals with demanding schedules. The seminars are hosted by leading universities and training facilities in the United States. EDI Partners also develops in-house EDI training programs