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  • Backup Data
  • Restore Backup
  • Move One Vision to new Computer (Workstation)
  • Upgrade One Vision to (One Vision 2011)

    Question: Backup Data
    How do I backup my One Vision Data?


    The program has a built-in backup/restore feature.

    Backup Procedures - PDF


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    Question: Restore Backup

    How do I restore my One Vision Data from backup?


    System has built-in Backup/Restore module:

    Restore Prodecures - PDF


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    Question: Move One Vision to new Computer (Workstation)

    What are the procedures to move One Vision to a new computer?


    Steps : Backup to Flash Drive on Current Computer and then Restore from the Flash Drive to New Computer.

    1. Install One Vision on the New Computer (Either download the application from www.tatumconsulting.com, or, if the computers are networked, you can copy the application to a shared location on the network and install from there.)
    2. Do a Backup from Within One Vision on Current Computer. The Destination is the Flash Drive.
    3. Do a Restore from Within One Vision on New Computer. The Source is the Flash Drive.

    You can use any type of removable drive. I suggested a flash drive as most new computers do not have floppy drives. You need to be able to access the flash drive like any other drive. I can't tell how to setup a flash drive on your system because there are many types of flash drives. You know your flash drive is working when you are able to copy a file from your C: Drive to the Flash Drive.

    For more details on how to transfer One Vision check out the Backup and Restore sections in either the Help Manual or the “Related links” from this topic.


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    Question: Upgrade One Vision to (One Vision 2011)
    Upgrade One Vision[6.x] Data to [One Vision 2011]



    One Vision 2011 - Upgrade


    Follow these steps to upgrade a previous version of One Vision to One Vision 2011.

    Previous Version Check:

    Before you begin the upgrade process make sure you have at least One Vision version 6.18 or higher. (The upgrade process will not work with an earlier version of One Vision.)


    To view the One Vision version number:

    1. Open your current version of One Vision.

    2. Choose Help > About from the main menu.

    3. The version number will be listed on the left hand side of the window.


    If you do not have version 6.18 or higher download the following patch:

    - http://www.tatumconsulting.com/download/onevisionsetuppatch.exe

    Install the V 6.20 patch and then open One Vision 6 to apply the changes. Then proceed with the upgrade process.


    You must have access to the database of the previous version of One Vision in order to perform the upgrade.




    Download and install the One Vision 2011 application file from our website at: www.tatumconsulting.com/onevision_download.asp.


    Note: From the webpage click the [Submit] button. On the thanks page make note of the given serial number. Then download the install file by clicking on the “Download” icon.


    Open One Vision 2011.


    Within One Vision 2011 select Utilities > System Maintenance > Convert One Vision – Pre 2011 to open the “Convert One Vision Database: Pre 2011” window.



    Click [Browse] and go to the location of the database for your previous version of One Vision. Select the file labeled system.mdb (or file type: Microsoft Office Access). Click [Ok].


    The following warning will appear:




    If you are ready to upgrade click [Yes].



    The conversion process is now complete.


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