The Tatum Consulting onboarding process combines flexibility, structure, and best practices to help you meet your planned Go Live date this will ensure your organization has success not only with Tatum Consulting. But also a successful transition from a manual process to a fully integrated EDI process which not only will your organization be able to benefit from but also your trading partners.

A team member will first reach out to your company's selected representative to create a customized and special success plan. During this planning session our team member and yourself will come up with a go-live date, along with educational material and a personalized list of trading partners.

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The Onboarding Process

Meet the Onboarding Team

At Tatum Consulting we have found that the best way to have a successful onboarding and easy transition is through communication. Through communication, this helps elevate some of the stress of a project and we are able to ensure, you are in good hands with Tatum Consulting. Your team member will be with you from day one and communicate with you on each step to assist that you are prepared and make sure you have all the tools to be successful in your new partnership with Tatum Consulting.

Your Project Team

To ensure a smooth transition, identify and organize a project team that will be designated as an EDI team. The selected individuals will be educated on Tatum Consulting's EDI software, assist with report generation and perform other related tasks. This will help your business identify current needs, encourage success and most imporantly reduce stress.

The Model Company 

Prior to using Acctivate live in your environment, a model company will be established using a copy of actual QuickBooks® operational company data. This provides an excellent learning environment and prevents endangering actual company files. Try it out, play with it, and if you mess it up, no worries.

The Secret to Success

Unlike other companies, Tatum Consulting strives best when our customers succeed – the truth is the reason our customers succeed is because of the one-on-one personal relationship we build with our clients through the onboarding process we learn and ask questions specific to your company this way our dedicated specialist can answer any questions which in return leads to overall customer confidence, satisfaction, and success with our software.

Help & Support

In addition to your Tatum Consulting customer specialist, clients are able to utilize the Tatum Consulting Remote Support Option. The remote support option is a quick and easy way for your business to get on demand help for a variety of unforeseen issues or questions. Additionally, Tatum Consulting provides numerous documents that are available on our Support page. This documents include getting started guides, a knowledge base and more.