Digitize Your Paper Records

Should your business switch to electronic bill of landings or EBOLS? Well, with TcEDI there is an easy way to scan your paper bill of landings. With our scanner software, you can take images of your single or multi BOL's and integrate them instantly into our system.

Reasons why you should begin scanning your Bill of Ladings:

  • No matter where your team members are, an EBOL may be quickly prepared, sent, and retrieved as required.
  • Despite the growing popularity of electronic alternatives, statistics reveal that many firms still over use paper documents.
  • You may conserve energy and money on storage by using EBOLs and digital solutions

What can scanning documents do for you?

1) Save Time -

One of the most crucial papers in international commerce operations is the BOL: Electronic Bill of Landings, like many other digital solutions, can lessen administrative costs and labor hours. Paper bills of lading transmission can take up to 7–10 days, but with electronic solutions, they can be transmitted immediately when certain trading conditions are completed. when it comes to the Bill of Lading (BOL), one of the most important documents in global trade transactions.

2) Accuracy -

The Bill of Lading is one of the most significant shipping documents, thus accuracy and reducing errors are crucial.

Handwritten alterations to the BOL may lead to errors, delayed billing, and altered costs. A completely electronic product also lessens the requirement to provide updated copies of the revised documents to the appropriate parties via courier services and other conventional methods.

A bill of lading's preparation, checking, transmission, handing over, payment, and many other crucial steps are seen as the answers to a number of problems and worries, especially if the original bill of lading is misplaced.

3) Make accessible and paperless records