What is software for order fulfillment?

Businesses may manage and coordinate the selection, packaging, shipping, and tracking of orders with the aid of order fulfillment software. Software for order management and fulfillment can greatly increase accuracy and streamline the numerous operations involved in completing orders and delivering items to customers.

Order fulfillment: where efficiency and accuracy must coexist

The act of choosing or picking an item or things from stock to satisfy a customer's purchase is known as order fulfillment. After being prepared and packaged for shipping, the items are sent to the consumer. By automating the order fulfillment process, order fulfillment software lowers errors, increases worker efficiency, and removes bottlenecks.

It may seem straightforward, but as anyone who works in order fulfillment can confirm, this stage of the order process calls for precision and speed, both of which are usually challenging to achieve at once. Order fulfillment may be the most important step in the sales and order management process because it comes just before the vital time when the customer receives the order. Even if fulfilling orders is a difficult operation, order fulfillment software can make it simpler.

Tatum Consulting inventory management & order fulfillment software with picking & packing your way

Maximize outbound operations

  • Configurable pick routines:

To fulfill your business objectives in a single or multiple warehouse environment, create customized pick sequence paths.

  • Individual order picking:

To fulfill your business objectives in a single or multiple warehouse environment, create customized pick sequence paths.

  • Consolidated or batch picking:

Create a bulk picking list by combining pick lists to include products from several orders.

  • Zone picking:

Within the warehouse, picking is done by zones or sectors to fulfill orders.

  • Priority order picking:

Prioritize choosing lists for shipments that must be shipped right away.

  • Paper picking:

Customizable select lists that may be printed or reprinted are used to fill orders.

  • Ticket information:

Can include products, quantities, locations, order dates, shipping carriers, terms, customer types, or other system data.

  • Mobile picking:

There is no need for printed documentation when choosing the item from a portable, handheld computer with a barcode reader. Record the lot, serial, or product barcodes as well as the bin or product barcode.

  • Positive confirmation:

Pickers may be asked to scan a product's bar code to verify that the item or lot they are handling is indeed that item or lot.

  • Lot number management:

Pre-allocate particular lot or serial numbers for the warehouse staff to pick, or give them freedom to choose any number and record it before shipping. For lots with expiration dates, FEFO (First Entered First Out) functionality is available.

  • Substitutions:

It is possible to manage item substitutions manually in the warehouse or automatically using predefined, date-specific substitutions (with permissions)

  • Order specific picking instructions:

Orders may include picking instructions that are printed on customer documents and visible to warehouse staff, stating specific delivery requirements or expiration dates.

  • Order specific special instructions:

Orders may contain extra instructions indicating specific delivery requirements or expiration dates that are visible to warehouse staff but not printed on client documentation.

  • Customized packing documents:

Using Crystal ReportsĀ®, you can create and personalize packaging documents like bills of lading, invoices, packing slips, shipping labels, and customer thank-you cards.

  • Custom reports using Crystal Reports:

Enable reporting and thorough filtering on any field holding data in Tatum Consulting to examine worker output, orders finished, amounts picked, or error rates. You can also test and compare various pick route strategies, examine returns, and track changes in error rates over time.

Tatum Consulting Europe2You, a user of inventory management and order fulfillment software

Software for managing inventories and orders that simplifies shipping. Order fulfillment includes connectivity with FedEx, UPS, USPS, StarShip, and DHL.

Direct integration between the Tatum Consulting Shipping Workstation and FedEx, UPS, USPS, StarShip, and DHL allows for the provision of order and address information as well as the collection of package information

  • To provide order and address information and collect package information, the FedEx, UPS, USPS, StarShip, and DHL shipping workstations are directly integrated with the Tatum Consulting shipping workstation..
  • While researching the address, the FedEx, UPS, USPS, StarShip, or DHL system requests the Tatum Consulting order number directly from the Tatum Consulting database..
  • FedEx, UPS, USPS, StarShip, or DHL systems will automatically provide shipment tracking data and transportation expenses to Tatum Consulting.
  • Package data is made available by Tatum Consulting upon billing of an order.

Software for managing your inventory and orders with more delivery choices

Other carriers and less-than-truckload (LTL): Print the

shipping labels and the bill of lading from Tatum Consulting.

Case lot shipping

  • Hefty shipments with many packages, each going to a different delivery address
  • Tatum Consulting automatically retrieves package information (by box) and generates a label for each box after you scan or enter order numbers into TcEDI.
  • Data is exchanged with FedEx, UPS, USPS, StarShip, or DHL, and Tatum Consulting is given the tracking number and delivery cost information.
  • UPS, FedEx, USPS, StarShip, or DHL Orders are automatically marked as sent, allowing you to conveniently invoice all shipped orders at the end of the day using the Invoicing Wizard

Software for order fulfillment and inventory management with features for shipping and handling billing

The following options allow for the selective addition of shipping expenses to an invoice:

  • Standard pack: At the time of shipment, pre-recorded product weights will calculate without weighing.
  • Bill exact cost of shipping
  • Bill exact cost of shipping plus a handling fee
  • Flat fee: Charge a certain fee
  • Get shipping costs from a 3PL supplier and add them to the invoice.

Software for order fulfillment and inventory management with tracking

  • Automatic tracking data from UPS, FedEx, USPS, StarShip, or DHL is provided to TcEDI.
  • FedEx, UPS, USPS, StarShip, and DHL email addresses are available through Tatum Consulting for notification purposes.
  • Tatum Consulting has the ability to automatically send emails to clients with order status and tracking updates.
  • Tatum Consulting CRM single-click access to shipping & tracking data on shipper website for customer service questions