Pick, Pack and Ship software offered by Tatum Consulting Inventory Powerful capabilities for enhancing, simplifying, and improving warehouse and order fulfillment operations are made available to multi-channel distributors and manufacturers via inventory software.

Regardless of their line of work, distributors of all kinds and sizes heavily rely on the Pick, Pack, and Ship phases of order fulfillment to uphold a solid, positive reputation.

B2B and B2C clients that receive shipments are directly impacted by the efficiency of the fulfillment process. As a result of unresolved order fulfillment issues, undesirable effects including poor online evaluations, decreased sales, and the loss of trading partners soon accumulate. It affects how quickly a distributor can pick, pack, and ship an order.

Tatum Consulting provides small and mid-sized multi-channel distributors and manufacturers with reliable, intelligent order fulfillment solutions that are perfect for accelerating choosing, packaging, and shipping.

Pick, Pack and Ship: Order Processing

In TcEDI, order processing is simple and intuitive. TcEDI’s "next action" button populates with the suggested next step whenever a sales order or quote is established, enabling a user to click the button and start. The "actions" menu is located next to the "next action" button and offers a dropdown menu of all actions that are possible. This allows users to skip or modify the standard order processing stages to meet their own needs. Depending on whether the sale is in quote or order form, the action menu options change.

Multiple Channel Order Management:

  • manage numerous sales channels simultaneously, including EDI and eCommerce
  • Orders may include goods, services, shipping costs, handling expenses, or any other items or activities that are chargeable.
  • Mobile devices enable the creation of real-time, on-the-go sales orders.
  • Accept a variety of payment methods
  • Decide on before and after "don't ship" dates.
  • Orders can be placed before delivery without committing to inventory.
  • During order entry, you can view your credit status and, if necessary, use the permission-based override feature.

Pick, Pack and Ship: Warehouse Layout & Pick Route Optimization

Whether a distributor runs a single warehouse or a number of them, organization is essential to ensuring a continuous, effective operation throughout fulfillment. Picking sessions that are time-consuming and stressful for warehouse staff are caused by poorly designed picking routes and patterns. Additionally, inefficient routes increase fulfillment times, making it more challenging to pick, pack, and send items in a convenient and timely manner..

The Warehouse Layout Editor from Tatum Consulting enables users to input the precise layout of their warehouse floor and produce intelligent picking maps for both single- and batch-picking orders. Instead of having the picker wander between aisles and bin locations, the Warehouse Layout Editor shows them the quickest and most effective route.

Pick, Pack and Ship: Pick List & Batch Order Picking

Tatum Consulting Pick Lists can be viewed and printed via Tatum Consulting and accessed via portable barcoding technology. The best picking paths are also provided, and pick lists are adjusted to reflect and track picking efforts and workflow statuses on all active orders.

Instead of picking for one order at a time, batch order picking allows a user to pick goods for numerous orders in one trip through the warehouse. Being able to batch pick numerous orders can reduce unnecessary labor by a great deal and save hours for high-volume warehouses.

Pick, Pack and Ship: Shipping Workstation

Packing and shipment are required when order processing and selecting are finished. Tatum Consulting is built to manage sizable, multiple-package shipments to numerous locations with ease. Tatum Consulting automatically retrieves and prints labels for packages as they are being packed (by box). FedEx, UPS, USPS, DHL, ShipStation, and StarShip are just a few of the shipping carriers and solutions that may be integrated by a company using Shipping Workstation. when the packages are prepared to be shipped. Tracking information and delivery cost information are provided to Tatum Consulting. Invoices are eventually available for all orders that were shipped.

With Tatum Consulting's shipping:

  • Make customised and customizable packing documents, such as bills of lading, invoices, packing slips, shipping labels, and thank-you cards.
  • Selectively add specified shipping expenses to the invoice
  • automatically send emails to customers with shipping and tracking details
  • For customer inquiries, get client shipment & tracking information with one click.
  • View package information quickly after order invoicing

Pick, Pack and Ship for QuickBooks

Tatum Consulting Inventory Software provides a robust bi-directional integration ideal for expanding while retaining financials safely within QuickBooks to small and mid-sized multi-channel distributors and manufacturers looking for advanced inventory and order fulfillment tools.