Leave the automation to us.

If your organization is looking to enhance its order-to-cash process, let our proven integration methods help you. Whether you need a simple system to send, receive, process, and invoice orders or a full-featured solution-based software that integrates with your business system to do EDI automatically, give Tatum Consulting a call...and leave the automation to us!


Why Choose EDI Solutions

EDI can assist with accelerating the order-to-cash process, reduce human errors and prevent chargebacks. EDI transactions also enable better supply chain visibility to keep your business competitive. Here are a few other facts on why you should choose EDI for your business:

  • Some of the world’s largest retailers are requiring all their vendors to trade using EDI transaction codes. Getting EDI now is the best way to prepare for future retail partnerships.
  • Manual processing can slow your overall productivity and increase the day-to-day basic tasks for employees. EDI data integration allows easy-to-handle seasonal order spikes as well as helps increase business growth by providing a speedy and clear exchange of information.
  • Supply chain is ever-changing, so in order to be competitive and relevant your organization needs to be able to adapt quickly without any additional stress. EDI software solutions helps provide immediate success by processing your orders and inventory allowing a near-real-time response.

World wide Integration at the palm of your hands

Tatum Consulting EDI Platform

Our EDI platform allows you to connect with a multitude of retailers, distributors, suppliers, carriers, and 3PLs.

  • Seamlessly easy exchange of EDI documents with your supply chain partners.
  • Connect with different drop shipping programs.
  • Mindlessly receive EDI purchase orders from major retailers like Amazon, Walmart, Target, and many more.
  • Receive incoming EDI data into a readable and manageable EDI system customizable for your organization's needs and standards.

Direct Data Integration

Eliminates the Rework

Improve the efficiency and speed of your business processes by directly sending and receiving EDI files that come from your ERP and accounting system. Tatum Consulting EDI integrates with leading ERPs like:

  • NetSuite ERP
  • Microsoft Dynamics GP
  • ECI Solutions Max
  • QuickBooks, Premier and Pro, and Enterprise solutions