Tatum Consulting's EDI solution makes Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) compliance painless for Petsmart suppliers. We provide all the EDI network services and support needed to successfully implement fullyintegrated EDI that meets all Petsmart requirements.


Petsmart EDI Transaction Support

With Tatum Consulting, you can meet Petsmart EDI requirements quickly and easily. Below is a list of Petsmart transactions supported by Tatum Consulting. All transaction codes used are a part of the ANSI ASC X12 EDI standards. The UN/EDIFACT standard is supported as well as the XML syntax.

  • 204 Motor Carrier Load Tender
  • 210 Motor Carrier Freight Details and Invoice
  • 214 Transportation Carrier Shipment Status Message
  • 810 Invoice
  • 846 Inventory Inquiry/Advice
  • 850 Purchase Order
  • 852 Product Activity Data
  • 856 Ship Notice/Manifest
  • 860 Purchase Order Change Request - Buyer Initiated
  • 990 Response to a Load Tender
  • 997 Functional Acknowledgment


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