Target EDI Requirements

Target requires all their suppliers to be EDI capable, whether they deliver to DCs, stores, or via drop ship to consumers. To be EDI Compliant, Target suppliers must be able to send specific EDI transactions that adhere to Target guidelines. These guidelines can be updated at any time, which can make EDI compliance a challenge. 

With Tatum Consulting’s EDI service, Target suppliers can automate the exchange of EDI business documents, without worrying about non-compliance. Our fully managed service model provides 24/7/365 support including automatic EDI mapping updates whenever Target changes their EDI mandates. 

Tatum Consulting EDI supports the following Target subsidiaries: 

  • Target
  • Target Canada
  • DVS
  • Target.Direct
  • Target.Direct International
  • Target International
  • Target Canada International

Target EDI Transactions

With Tatum Consulting, you can meet Target EDI requirements quickly and easily. Below is a sample list of Target transactions supported by Tatum Consulting. All transaction codes used are a part of the ANSI ASC X12 EDI standards. The UN/EDIFACT standard is supported as well as the XML syntax.


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EDI 820

EDI 830

EDI 850

EDI 852

EDI 855

EDI 860

EDI 864

EDI 214