3PL EDI | Integrations and Solutions for 3PLs

Go beyond 3PL EDI solutions with Tatum Consulting

One connection to the Tatum Consulting network allows you to standardize and automate item, inventory, order and shipment data exchanges with your customers — whether they use EDI, APIs, spreadsheets or portals. We handle the details to give you more time back in your day. Connect with your customers quickly and easily using Tatum Consulting for 3PLs.

Each of your customers has unique needs

It isn’t easy to manage all the ways your customers and their customers want to work with you.That’s because your customers have their own unique business processes, products, customers and channels. Plus, they have different ways of sharing information about items, inventory, orders and shipments through:


  • Portals
  • EDI
  • APIs
  • Spreadsheets
  • Or other methods

And each of their customers has unique expectations

Each of your customers has their own customers with unique requirements. These may include specific expectations for:

  • Packing
  • Labeling
  • Or shipping

Keeping up with these requirements is a daunting task.

And it takes valuable time, resources and effort away from growing your business.

Tatum Consulting for 3PLs transforms those relationships into a single connection and way to work with your customers

Our goal is to make your job easier by:

  • Simplifying and accelerating how you work with your customers and their customers.
  • Connecting once through the Tatum Consulting network to easily access item, inventory, order, delivery and status details.
  • Translating and transferring data automatically to your WMS system
  • Onboarding your customers quickly and accurately
  • Managing everything in one place.

What does this mean for you?

No more worrying about complex EDI requirements, messy spreadsheets or endless data crunching. And if any requirements changes, we take care of making sure everything is up to date and works as it should between you and your customers.