Salsify (PIM) Integration

Salsify Connectors

Salsify Connectors establishes productized direct connections so brands and retailers can efficiently collaborate and publish superior product experiences.

Publish Faster Than Ever Before

Product Data Isn’t Perfect

  • Setting up retailer SKUs can be painful and may involve working with multiple teams to make numerous revisions before SKUs can be published.

Painless Product Publishing 

  • Publish and refresh product content whenever needed in a fast and simple process.

Keep Pace With Changing Attribute Requirements

Endpoint Attribute Requirements Are Constantly Changing

  • Endpoints require brands to send specific data in a prescribed format to be published.

Automated Retail Schema Updates

  • Pull attribute requirements from the endpoint and proactively surface those requirements to brands in a way that’s standardized and easy to comprehend.

Unique Insights and Feedback to Close the Loop

Failed Publishing Attempts

  • There are few things more frustrating to customers than an error message with no guidance for how to solve the problem.

Descriptive Feedback Guidance

  • Salsify Connectors can provide as much information to the brands as the endpoint will allow, unlocking critical insights with clear and actionable feedback.