Use of Handheld ScanGun to Pick and Ship Orders

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Implementing and expanding e-business initiatives has become a difficult obstacle to overcome. One reason is a lack of internal staffing. An estimated one in four companies are limited in their e-business expansion efforts because their internal staff lack the necessary skills.

To solve this critical business issue, many companies have chosen to outsource their e-business operations. By bringing in e-business experts, you can tap into a source of combined business and technical expertise resulting in improved performance, higher operating efficiencies, and a higher return on investment. More importantly, these outsourcing engagements can result in improved profitability.

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First filter your the document selection to the desired document type. Now browse to the directory (folder) containing the document that you would like to print. The System will Automatically select all of the desired documents. Click the [Print Report] button and all of the selected document will be printed.

  1. Quickly Print the supported documents without having to open them.
  2. Great for printing document remotely from the source application.
  3. The System contains a viewer for the supported documents.
  4. Assign specific printers to each supported document type.
  5. Great for printing Shipping Labels remotely from the source application.