ERP Integration

Integration with ERP, WMS and accounting systems


Get the most out of your ERP system. By integrating EDI data you increase your customer base, reduce rework, and eliminate the human error that comes from data entry all by automating your system.

ERP Integration

Traditionally, EDI providers contract their ERP integration technology to third-party vendors - often creating delayed projects, increases in costs, and losses in revenue. Tatum Consulting's pre-built, proprietary ERP adapters are designed to work with Tatum Consulting's EDI cloud platform and integrate with a multitude of different ERP, WMS, and accounting systems, this will help ensure that your business is operating, correctly, on time, and under budget.

Outsource your EDI solution to Tatum Consulting

Tatum Consulting's ability to handle EDI data is more than just a cost-effective choice. We offer full-scale top flight customer service that ensures: availability, security, scalability, adaptability, accountability, and reliability.

In addition to ERP Integration, Tatum Consulting's EDI outsourcing solutions include:

B2B Cloud Communications Service

B2B Transformation Services

B2B Community Management

SLA & Professional Services

Dashboard & Mobile Alerts

ERP Integration