Data Analytics

What is TcXML Analytics?

At its core, TcXML removes the complexities of your data collection process so you can dedicate more time to uncovering opportunities. We focus on providing you with a complete overview of your business via industry-leading dashboards and a team of retail consultants to help you grow.

All Your Data in One Place

  • Slice and dice at the account, country, channel and location level
  • Identify best-sellers and slow-movers
  • Spot replenishment opportunities
  • Stay on top of the KPIs that matter to you including sell-through, gross margin, on-hand inventory and more

Be Confident in Your Decision-Making

The retail intelligence team brings years of industry experience as former buyers, planners and analysts in the real world. You can leverage our team of experts to help build actionable reports and dashboards, get recommendations and coaching on best practices in data analytics, or build advanced features to help support your business goals. Our consultants are driven to help you achieve your strategic initiatives that move your business forward.