Packing List (with Customer SKU)


Packing List (or Packing Slip) forms are frequently used in business transactions between trade companies. When the seller delivers the desired things to the consignee, they often prepare this (buyer). The list is delivered with the items once they have been packed and taken to the buyer's designated location. This procedure will be accelerated and simplified by our Packing Slip Generator Excel Template.

A proper packing slip must contain a lot of details, like the document number, item description, units, weight, date, and so forth. Furthermore, the majority of businesses create packing slips using Excel spreadsheets. But frequently, these are out of the ordinary, omit vital information, and lack a sophisticated design. Additionally, entering data from scratch each time takes a lot of time.

Why would I need this Packing Slip Generator rather than using simple spreadsheets?

This application can be ideal for you if you routinely create packing slips using straightforward spreadsheet templates for the following reasons:

  • Professional and Well-Structured: A tidy and appealing packing list enhances the reputation of your business. Additionally, it contains every ingredient required to ensure that nothing is overlooked.
  • Save time creating new Packing Lists: This application has a distinct database section for your goods and services, allowing you to "select" instead of manually entering data. Maintain your database portion, and create fresh slips in 30 seconds.
  • Record your past slips: Have you ever wondered what the product was that you delivered to customer XYZ? Instead than reading through numerous documents, you can record them, analyze the information, and then produce reports using it.

Additionally, this template offers a ton of other useful features like simple PDF export, a button that lets you show or hide discounts, the ability to designate and keep track of the individual who was in charge of creating the packing slip, and much more. To underline, all of these features are quite simple to use and come with instructions on the sheet.


Our template essentially consists of three sections:

  1. Making a Packing List
  2. Database of products or services
  3. Records & Tracking Slip

In essence, the flow goes like this: Add your goods and services to the database. In the Generator portion, make your slips; in the Tracking section, analyze your earlier slips.



Create PDF: This generates a momentary PDF that displays your add-on Excel. Before making the PDF, it does certain checks, such as confirming the date, the overall weight, and the unique document number. Do not forget to save it to the appropriate computer location.

Record Packing List Data: This sends the packing slip data to the tracking section so you can see what, when, and how packing slips for certain clients were created.

Add/Delete Rows: This button allows you to add additional rows to the invoice or remove any already there.


Company Logo: This is a dummy logo. This can be simply swapped out with your own..

Document No: When entering the slips into the tracking section, use Doc No. Use a Unique Document Number on each slip you make so that you can tell the various slips apart from one another. You have two options: manually enter the document number in the top part of the form or fast generate a new number by clicking the "Auto Generate" button (you can also change the prefix)

Responsible Person: To trace who created the slip later, you can enter the Responsible Person in the tracking box. (The individuals list in the Dashboard area can be added to or removed.)

Products / Services Section: When you click on the first row under Description, a drop-down menu will appear from which you can choose the Product/Service items. Based on the information you enter in the Database area, all pertinent information will be shown automatically. While formulas won't change when the form is reset, you can modify the Amount values that are specific to the current slip.

Instructions: From the switcher in the top right corner, you can display or hide instructions.

If you want to maintain track of your previous slips, the accountable party, the things you provided, etc., this is incredibly helpful.


  • a special Excel template for making expert packing slip forms
  • Database section to prepare slips more quickly
  • Slip records tracking section
  • user-friendly and elegantly crafted
  • feature to export to PDF
  • Full Text White Label Ready
  • Full Text Ready
  • Includes informational notes
  • Ready to use; no installation necessary.
  • operates on both Mac and Windows
  • compatible with versions of Excel 2010 and later
  • includes macros and VBA code