UK Customs Invoice

Get it right for speedy transit

A thorough and accurate commercial invoice is essential for efficient customs processing. It is necessary for customs officials to calculate potential taxes and charges. Correct completion helps prevent delays.

Commercial invoice template

You can use our straightforward template to help you complete your commercial invoice. Note that this template is being provided to assist customers. The completed and submitted commercial invoice is the responsibility of the signatory entity.

The essentials of the Commercial Invoice

What's in your shipment?


Description of goods

By doing this, you make it clear to the customs inspectors what is within your shipment. The description should include information on what it is, what materials it is constructed of, and what it is used for (if applicable). It should be brief and include a complete list of the shipment's contents.

Harmonized Tariff Codes

Products are arranged using the Harmonized System (HS codes) so that customs authorities can determine which taxes, levies, and regulations may be relevant.

Assessing your shipment honestly

The object still has worth, at least equal to the cost of manufacturing, even if it is a sample, gift, or returned item. The value ought to be as precise as is practical. Your valuation may be questioned by customs, which could result in delays and fines. Another piece of advice is to indicate the item's worth in the currency you specify on the invoice.

Country of origin

This clarifies the location of the manufacturing. The starting point for the objects' transportation may change. In some cases, a Certificate of Origin may be required. For further information on the Certificate of Origin, please contact your local Chamber of Commerce.

Choose the right Incoterms

The Terms of Sale (Incoterms) form must be included with every commercial invoice. Incoterms® 2010, a globally utilized standard produced by the International Chamber of Commerce, is generally acknowledged. They make it possible for customs inspectors to locate the consignment's owner at each stop along the shipment's journey.

If you have Incoterms, it will be stated in a sales contract. If you don't have a sales contract, you must choose one of the Incoterms that relates to your shipments being transported by land or air. For instance, the term DAP (Delivered at Place) designates that, while transportation expenses are covered by the sender, the recipient is responsible for paying taxes and customs.

Smooth customs clearance

Now you understand how to utilize a legitimate commercial invoice to easily clear customs. To save time, use our blank commercial invoice template instead of creating your own.